Our Welsh recipes

by | Feb 29, 2024

Prefer your Bara Brith made to a classic time-honoured recipe, or spiked with Negroni like Jack Bevan? Like your Welshcakes sweet as is traditional, or with green olives and herbs, like Anna Jones? We’ve got plenty of Welsh inspiration below.

Classic Bara Brith

This classic Welsh tea loaf is rich in flavour and history. Like lots of classic recipes, this one uses pints for ease – but we know some people prefer to use weights, so we’ve included both. Serve with a chunk of Caerphilly cheese and a drizzle of Welsh honey, or slather it in salted butter and serve warm with hot tea. 


Dark chocolate clementine and sea salt welshcakes

Best eaten warm with a good slick of butter on a cold day, these are one of our favourite things to make, standing at the stove, turning them at the perfect moment.

Smoky Welsh ale rarebit

Made with hoppy Welsh ale, our favourite cavern-aged Dragon Welsh cheddar and our very own Smoked Water, this is dream-like cheese on toast.

Jack Adair Bevan’s burnt leeks with kale romesco

If you haven’t tried cooking leeks in this way before, you’ve been missing a trick.

Anna Jones’ green olive Welsh cakes

We are so happy that Anna Jones has shared a beautiful recipe for Welshcakes here – we’ll never look at this staple in the same way again.

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