Best-Sellers Landscape Giftbox


We took all of our best-sellers and put them in one delicious, recyclable gift box. Brand new for this year, choose the outer photo sleeve design to make this gift personal. Everything comes hand-packed and nestled amongst cardboard shredding.

Please note the colour of the ceramic jar may vary.


Pure Sea Salt 250g

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Pure Sea Salt with Organic Spices 100g

Based on a Sixteenth Century French preservation recipe, this blend of nine organic spices gives dishes a rich, rounded flavour.

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Pure Sea Salt with Roasted Garlic 100g

A real favourite among our team, and for good reason.

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Pure Sea Salt Smoked over Oak 100g

We smoke our award-winning Pure Sea Salt slowly over oak chippings until it turns beautifully golden.

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Oak Smoked Water 100ml (glass bottle)

Brilliant for the more adventurous cook looking for something different.  Our Oak Smoked Water is loved by chefs, commercial food producers and home cooks alike.

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Little Ceramic Jar with Pure Sea Salt (15g)

One of our best-selling products, and for good reason, this jar sits handsomely in any kitchen.

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