Our Smoked Water is a 100% natural artisan ingredient, made entirely from wood smoke and water. It has a huge range of culinary applications, and we are BRC certified, meaning we can supply a huge range of manufacturers.

Our skilled team makes the product in our artisan smokers on-site in Brynsiencyn, Wales, using sustainable oak chips.


We supply some of the UK’s biggest ready-meal manufacturers, and are an ingredient in everything from BBQ sauce to hummus, sourdough loaves to smoky chicken tikka masala.  The sky is the limit.


Why should you use smoked water?
  • A clean label ingredient
  • Offers consistency of flavour
  • A salt alternative
  • No need for expensive and skilled smoking
  • Add a ‘meaty’ savouriness to veg-based foods
  • We are BRCGS certified Grade AA+
  • Calorie free
What do you use smoked water for?

Everything from cocktails to sourdough bread, vegan meals to barbecue ranges, mayonnaise to hummus, and many many more applications. It’s an exciting ingredient that lends itself well to the imagination.  We supply Michelin-starred chefs and ready-meal manufacturers, small bakeries and homecooks all over the world.

Do you sell in trade quantities?

Absolutely. Please get in touch with us to discuss trade quantities.

What’s the difference between smoked water and liquid smoke?

Liquid smoke is a product popular in America. It is often made with many additives, sugars, flavourings and colours, and products in this category have not had their licenses renewed in the UK this year.

Our Smoked Water is 100% natural, and is comprised of only smoke and water, absolutely nothing else, 

Is barbecue flavour a big trend?

According to research carried out by Innova Market Insights, more than one third of all sauces and seasoning products launched between 2016 and 2020 were badged as ‘barbecue’.

People have been smoking food for thousands of years both to add texture and flavour as well as to help preserve it.

For commercial use it is simpler, cheaper and more convenient to use a natural
flavouring or smoke flavouring rather than a smoked ingredient. We had been smoked our sea salt for many years but realised that whilst it added a good smoky flavour as a finishing salt it did not carry through as much as an ingredient within the dish.

We decided to develop an ingredient that could deliver just that, without the use of
colours, sugar, salt or any other natural or artificial additives.

What accreditations do you have?

Our smoked water is kosher, and contains only smoke and water. We are BRCGS certified, and proud to be Grade AA +


How do you know how much smoked water to use?

The simple answer is to add small amounts and keep tasting. Used in smaller
amounts, the smoked condiment adds a savoury note, and used in larger amounts, it
adds a noticeably smoky flavour. 

Here are some basic proportions:

  • For mashed potatoes made with 500g potatoes, use 5ml for a savoury flavour, 10ml for a smoky flavour, and 15ml for a very smoky flavour.
  • For a Bloody Mary made with 600ml of vodka/tomato juice mix, add 5ml for a savoury flavour, 15ml for a smoky flavour and 20ml for a very smoky flavour.
  • For 400g standout black beans, use 10ml for a savoury flavour, 15ml for a smoky flavour and 20ml for a very smoky flavour.
What do chefs like about smoked water?

They love it so much we’ve written a whole article about it here

“I’m hooked on using smoked water in my cooking; it makes it so simple to build more layers of flavour into whatever I’m making.

Smokiness is a flavour I’m drawn to time and time again but it can sometimes go wrong.

Over-smoking gives you acrid bitter flavours, under smoking is disappointing and a waste of time.

The thing about smoked water is the smoke flavour is beautifully balanced and just the right sort of smoky, meaning you can perfectly control how you use it.”

– SAM LOMAS, Chef and Great British Menu contestant

“This smoked water has become as useful and legitimate an addition to my larder as the likes of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, toasted sesame oil and fish sauce.”

– ED SMITH, Chef and Food Writer.


Please drop us your details if you’d like to talk more about our Smoked Water.

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