Smoked Water 100ml (glass pipette bottle)


This is exactly what it says on the bottle – a 100% natural seasoning, smoked in our smokers on site.

'This smoked water has become as useful and legitimate an addition to my larder as the likes of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, toasted sesame oil and fish sauce' - Ed Smith, chef and food writer of Rocket + Squash

Add to soups and casseroles for a rich, smoky depth or be more adventurous and add a few drops when freezing ice cubes for cocktails.

Makes an exquisite risotto or deliciously savoury smoked mayonnaise. Try it in flatbreads for a delicious edge, or add to homemade baked beans to turn them into something special.

Brilliant for the more adventurous cook looking for something different. Plenty more recipe inspiration on our blog here. 

More information for ingredients companies or flavour houses who want to buy in larger quantities can be found here.

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3 reviews for Smoked Water 100ml (glass pipette bottle)

  1. Jaya

    Seriously this is incredible!! I add it to basically everything – gives such a lovely natural Smokey flavour. Like you’ve been cooking over coals!

  2. Sharon

    Purchased a bottle at the Abergavenny Food Fayre, but only recently started using,a mistake which I now realise has been a real loss to my cooking. This adds a depth and complexity to dishes. I have previously used American liquid smoke, an artificial product, which in no way begins to compare to Halen Mon smoked water. Will definitely be repurchasing

  3. Mark Simnett

    I’m a malt whisky drinker and have always been loathe to add water to my favourite tipple, (despite what malt whisky experts may say). So, following a visit to Halen Mon in August 2014, it was with some trepidation that I purchased a bottle of Oak Smoked Water. I needn’t have feared, for now I have the best of both worlds, firstly the authentic taste and nose of the malt and secondly, after adding the Oak Smoked Water, the release of the additional qualities of the malt and the added bonus of the enhanced smoky taste. My single bottle has lasted almost 9 months and I’ll certainly be purchasing more. Thank you Halen Mon.

    • Jess

      Thanks so much for letting us know, Mark. We are always so interested to hear what people use our products for, and our smoked water seems to be particularly versatile. With all best wishes, Jess

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Water, Smoke from oak chippings Country of origin: Wales (UK)


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