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Twenty one years ago, we had a go at making our own sea salt by leaving a saucepan of Anglesey seawater to bubble away on the ancient Aga in our family kitchen. As the salt crystals started to form, we knew we’d struck culinary gold and Halen Môn was born. Sometimes, things just start like that.

Today, Halen Môn remains a family company and we continue to be all about provenance, product and people. We are very particular about where we make our sea salt, how we make it and whom we get to harvest it. We believe that this is the best sea salt money can buy. And we’ve even been given Protected Designation of Origin status which puts our sea salt up there with the likes of Champagne and Parma Ham. We think people who appreciate good food appreciate good sea salt to season it with. And we believe that Halen Môn is a vital ingredient in any food lover’s kitchen.

We hope you feel the same and enjoy exploring our site as much as you do cooking with our sea salt.

Alison & David Lea-Wilson



Founders, Halen Môn

A Panad with… Baker and Author Richard Snape

We first met Richard when we had a pop-up at the brilliant market on Druid St in South London, which sadly no longer exists. It was a long day, and safe to say we didn't really know what we were doing when we set up that morning. Richard took us under his wing,...

Anja Dunk’s Caraway Roast Pork

Anyone lucky enough to have eaten at an event Anja has cooked at will know how good this new book, Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings, is going to be. Anja's book is a long-awaited revival of an underserved national cuisine, proving that there is more to German food...

The amazing new food show you have to watch: SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT

Samin Nostrat's book 'SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT' has been hailed as a seminal cookbook that teaches the fundamentals of flavour. We are enormously excited for her new Netflix series of the same name. Roll on October 11th.

Easy Smoked Water Herbed Flatbreads

These flatbreads take on a real savoury edge from the smoked water. The charred flavour goes beautifully alongside everything from falafel to roast lamb, halloumi to hummus, simple tomato salad to traditional burgers. MAKES...

Win! Two tickets to Abergavenny Food Festival + a lesson in Salted Caramel

A highlight in our festival calendar has always been Abergavenny Food Festival. A celebratory weekend in a picturesque town with so many of our favourite chefs, producers and friends. It returns this year over the weekend of 15th – 16th September to celebrate its 20...

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