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Twenty one years ago, we had a go at making our own sea salt by leaving a saucepan of Anglesey seawater to bubble away on the ancient Aga in our family kitchen. As the salt crystals started to form, we knew we’d struck culinary gold and Halen Môn was born. Sometimes, things just start like that.

Today, Halen Môn remains a family company and we continue to be all about provenance, product and people. We are very particular about where we make our sea salt, how we make it and whom we get to harvest it. We believe that this is the best sea salt money can buy. And we’ve even been given Protected Designation of Origin status which puts our sea salt up there with the likes of Champagne and Parma Ham. We think people who appreciate good food appreciate good sea salt to season it with. And we believe that Halen Môn is a vital ingredient in any food lover’s kitchen.

We hope you feel the same and enjoy exploring our site as much as you do cooking with our sea salt.

Alison & David Lea-Wilson



Founders, Halen Môn

Anna Jones’ Garden Toasts

A vibrant recipe from our favourite cookbook of the last year: The Modern Cook's Year. ---- These little toasts are a riot of colour and represent all that is great about our gardens in spring. The first radishes, roasted until they sweeten, the sweet peas, and some...

A Party Fit For a Queen (‘s award)

A year ago, we had a party to celebrate winning the Queen's Award for Sustainability. The sun shone, the Marram Grass made some deliciously seasoned canapes, and we finished with salted caramel ice cream from our favourites at the Red Boat. Thank you to everybody who...

Salt-cured Root Vegetables

This recipe calls for a brine cure to soften and essentially begin to cook the roots before they’re griddled.  They have a bright, spicy flavour and a deliciously tender texture, contrasting brilliantly with the smooth, cool strained yoghurt. We used beetroot, carrots...

Lonely Planet on Modern Welsh Food

'If you’ve been to Wales, you’ll for sure have tried bara brith, the tea-steeped fruit loaf that takes the edge off a soggy day’s hillwalking. And you might’ve loved or hated laverbread, the seaweed puree that garnishes many a cooked breakfast. Travelling these hills...

BBC Food Programme on Salt

'Salt has long been prized, but in recent years it has become, for many, something to be avoided: to reduce or even eliminate. In this edition of The Food Programme Sheila Dillon asks if there is a place for salt - in our kitchens and on our plates.' (Spoiler: the...

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