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Twenty one years ago, we had a go at making our own sea salt by leaving a saucepan of Anglesey seawater to bubble away on the ancient Aga in our family kitchen. As the salt crystals started to form, we knew we’d struck culinary gold and Halen Môn was born. Sometimes, things just start like that.

Today, Halen Môn remains a family company and we continue to be all about provenance, product and people. We are very particular about where we make our sea salt, how we make it and whom we get to harvest it. We believe that this is the best sea salt money can buy. And we’ve even been given Protected Designation of Origin status which puts our sea salt up there with the likes of Champagne and Parma Ham. We think people who appreciate good food appreciate good sea salt to season it with. And we believe that Halen Môn is a vital ingredient in any food lover’s kitchen.

We hope you feel the same and enjoy exploring our site as much as you do cooking with our sea salt.

Alison & David Lea-Wilson



Founders, Halen Môn

Paprika Prawns with Homemade Smoked Butter

Great British Bake-Off star Beca Lyne-Pirkis has been working with Smart Energy GB to make some delicious, straightforward dishes that use less energy in the kitchen. Smart meters make the energy that we use visible, showing us in pounds and pence the cost of our...

Dylan Thomas Reads ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’

'All the Christmases roll down toward the two-tongued sea, like a cold and headlong moon bundling down the sky that was our street...' This year we stumbled across this world-famous story being read aloud by Dylan Thomas himself....

Sea Salted Date Truffles

These date “truffles" are given their texture and sweetness from rich, caramel-flavoured Medjool dates which are softer and chewier than standard varieties. With only four ingredients, they’re also much simpler to make than traditional chocolate truffles. Wrap in...

BBC Radio 4: Putting Anglesey on the Map

What do CenterParcs, Sky Sports and The Royal Horticultural Society all have in common? They’ve all accidentally omitted Anglesey from their official maps of the UK in the recent past. It seems that despite being the largest island in the Irish Sea and the largest...

A Panad with… Baker and Author Richard Snape

We first met Richard when we had a pop-up at the brilliant market on Druid St in South London, which sadly no longer exists. It was a long day, and safe to say we didn't really know what we were doing when we set up that morning. Richard took us under his wing,...

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