Some things should stay the same, other things should change. Alison and David made the very first batch of Halen Môn Welsh salt on their old Aga in 1997.  Since then, we have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Sustainability, supplied everyone from Selfridges to Green and Black’s chocolate, and even gained Protected Designation of Origin status for our sea salt. Halen Môn products can now be found in more than twenty countries around the world.

Some things remain unchanged: we make ingredients the long, delicious, proper way, and we don’t take shortcuts. That’s why our Pure Sea Salt is famous. We care deeply about our environment. And our lasting, supportive relationships with our staff, customers, suppliers and the community are critical to us.

Every product bearing our logo celebrates quality and the incredible isle of Anglesey that we are lucky enough to call home. Halen Môn exists because of our incredible natural resources, so it makes sense that sustainability has always been at our very core.  We adhere to Financial, Environmental and Social Sustainability Policies and promote these principles amongst our staff, customers, suppliers, visitors and the wider community. Our products  meet all known food safety, legal and labelling requirements.

The company remains family owned and we act with social responsibility to be a force for good in all aspects of business and the wider community. We champion the brilliant staff we have, committing to pay above the Living Wage and providing professional, social and wellbeing support. Our business culture is of the utmost importance to us.

Ultimately, being at the centre of our community, and standing up for good, clean, fair food, with as little environmental impact as possible, is why we’re in business.


These are the foundations of Halen Môn and they will not change. But there are some things we want to change as the founders carefully hand over to the next generation. 

  • Sustainable growth and continuous progression are crucial to us, and that means safeguarding existing jobs for future generations on this small Welsh
    island. We want to create new jobs as well as new opportunities for our team.
  • We want to drive our business towards a more sustainable future. This means being accountable and transparent, and improving in a measurable way every year. We move closer to our objective of zero to landfill every year by applying the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to all ‘waste’ and coproducts.
  • We want to be even more innovative: with flavours, with products, with packaging, with sourcing, with food education.
  • We want to create more partnerships with cooks, chefs and companies, who share our ethos and our commitment to natural food production.

The aims of this Mission Statement form the core of our business culture. It will be regularly reviewed to make sure we are continually improving, and that we have a positive impact on all.

Every day we’re in business is an opportunity to get better at what we do, and how we do it. We’re committed to that kind of change.


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