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Pure Sea Salt Subscription

This salt is famous for a reason. Our original Pure Sea Salt tastes of the cleanest oceans and has an intense crunch. Add to everything.

Easily adds flavour to:

  • Sliced ripe tomatoes
  • Soft boiled eggs before the soldiers are dipped in
  • Simply dressed salad leaves
  • Buttery barbecued sweetcorn

This product comes in our eco-friendly re-sealable pouch. Click here to find out more about our biodegradable packaging.

500g. Please note our products are sold on weight not volume.

The more adventurous among us should try:
  • Sprinkling on top of chocolate ice cream
  • Chopping with woody herbs or mixing with citrus zests to make flavoured salts to mix into softened butter, or sprinkle on top of cooked vegetables, meats and fish
  • Pan-frying French or runner beans with sliced garlic, chopped tomatoes and a splash of red wine vinegar and finishing with chopped parsley and pure salt for green beans that sing with freshness
  • Pan-frying sage leaves in plenty of butter until crisp before draining and sprinkling with pure salt for the ultimate flavour boost for pasta, risotto, or creamy bean soup

Sign up for our subscription and we’ll deliver 500g of Pure Sea Salt to your door, every six months.

£14.00 every 6 months

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  • Our salt adds depth of flavour to food incredibly quickly
  • Buy a product direct from the people who make it
  • You’ll get a Halen Môn pin badge with your first delivery
  • Receive a different exclusive recipe card with every delivery
  • Support a company that pays the living wage (see who harvested your exact pouch here) and is committed to being more environmentally friendly every single year
  • Biodegradable, compostable packaging
  • Never run out again!

Great Taste Award 2021

Certified Kosher

Organically Certified

Biodegradable packaging

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Halen Môn Pure Sea Salt PDO
Country of origin: Wales, (UK)


Original Pure, Finer Flake

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