A guide to buying and using sea salt

by | Jan 24, 2023

Why use sea salt?

While table salt is the most common variety of cooking salt found in much of the world, we believe it doesn’t belong anywhere near the kitchen. Though cheap and easy to pour from a spout, it is often laden with anti-caking agents that can impart their own sour or bitter flavour to food. Rock salt – another popular choice – has a solid texture that we often find overpowering.

As the single most important ingredient in your kitchen, we’d suggest that it’s worth splashing out on sea salt. Ours is hand-harvested, organic-approved sea salt made from Anglesey sea water and absolutely nothing else. Expect a delicate balance of minerals, depth of flavour, and no bitterness.

Pure Sea Salt – choose for finishing dishes

This sea salt is what we’re famous for. We spent years perfecting our process to give us beautiful crunchy flakes, white as fresh snow. It’s a Great Taste Award winner to prove it.

Add to your fish and chips or roasted veg just before serving, or finish dressed leaves, sliced tomatoes, or a scoop of chocolate ice cream to add texture and pops of flavour.

Soft enough to crush between your fingers, and also suitable for a grinder with a ceramic mechanism. We also love to keep ours in a little bowl or ceramic jar on the table for people to help themselves.


Pure Sea Salt in a Finer Flake – perfect for use in cooking

We sieve our Pure Sea Salt to capture these finer flakes. Generally speaking, it’s better to add finer salt during cooking, as it delivers an even coating and dissolves quickly. You get the same intense, clean flavour as our Pure Sea Salt, but less of the crunch, making it the best choice for pasta water, sauces, brining, chutneys, scrambled eggs and veg, fish and meat before roasting or grilling.

Soft enough to crush even finer between your fingers, and also suitable for a ceramic grinder. We also love to keep ours in a traditional salt pig right by the cooker.


Flavoured Sea Salts – add boosts of flavour

Over the years, we’ve added to our flavoured sea salt collection, as each one brings something different to the party, and are really quick, easy ways to boost flavour.

Generally, our Pure Sea Salt Smoked Over Oak adds most flavour when added as a finishing salt – on top of a caramel desert, for example.  Or add our Pure Sea Salt with Roasted Garlic to a simple bruschetta starter to take it to the next level.


Our lower salt blends – add flavour with less salt

Our Popeth (everything) blend has less salt but packs a real punch with onion, garlic, sesame and poppy seeds. Add to a bread dough crust to make it moreish, or sprinkle on top of fried eggs for a killer crunch.

Our Pure Sea Salt with Umami Number 2 blend also contains less salt – the blend of spices and nutritional yeast adds a huge depth to a range of foods – from roast potatoes to popcorn.

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