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What is smoked water (and how to use it)?

by | Nov 20, 2023

What is smoked water?


Our Smoked Water is a 100% natural artisan ingredient, made entirely from wood smoke and water. It has a huge range of culinary applications for homecooks and professionals alike. Our skilled team makes the product in our artisan smokers on-site at Halen Môn in Wales, using sustainable hickory and oak chips.  


What do you use smoked water for?


It has a huge range of smoked recipes for culinary applications, everything from cocktails to sourdough bread, vegan meals to barbecue ranges. It’s an exciting ingredient that lends itself well to the imagination.  We supply Michelin-starred chefs and ready-meal manufacturers, small bakeries and homecooks all over the world.


What’s the difference between smoked water and liquid smoke?


Liquid smoke is a product popular in America. It is often made with many additives, sugars, flavourings and colours. Our Smoked Water is 100% natural, and is comprised of only smoke and water, absolutely nothing else.




How do you make smoked water? 



It has taken us close to a decade to perfect the process in our smokers, and how we make it exactly is a closely-guarded secret. The ingredients are 100% natural, and it is exactly what it says on the bottle.


How do you know how much smoked water to use?


The simple answer is to add small amounts and keep tasting. Used in smaller amounts, the smoked condiment adds a savoury note, and used in larger amounts, it adds a noticeably smoky flavour. 

Here are some basic proportions:

  • For mashed potatoes made with 500g potatoes, use 5ml for a savoury flavour, 10ml for a smoky flavour, and 15ml for a very smoky flavour.
  • For a Bloody Mary made with 600ml of vodka/tomato juice mix, add 5ml for a savoury flavour, 15ml for a smoky flavour and 20ml for a very smoky flavour.
  • For 400g standout black beans, use 10ml for a savoury flavour, 15ml for a smoky flavour and 20ml for a very smoky flavour.



Why use smoked water? 


It is a clean label ingredient, it means you don’t need to smoke the finished product, and you can get consistent results every time. Perfect for hummus, ribs, guacamole, vegan burgers, meat marinades.



Is Halen Môn smoked water vegan/ kosher/ gluten-free? 


Our smoked water is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is gluten free and kosher certified. It contains nothing except smoke and water.



Do you have any smoked water recipes?


Yes! A few of our favourites:

Ultimate veggie carbonara

Smoky pork shoulder with hardy herbs

Bonfire baked beans

Smoky Welsh ale rarebit

Hamish’s smoky negroni






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