Ethical Kitchen Landscape Giftbox

Brand new for this year, choose the outer photo sleeve design to make this gift personal. Everything comes hand-packed and nestled amongst cardboard shredding.


A  collection of condiments that will make your kitchen a better place to be. 

Pure Sea Salt with Umami No 2

Made with spices and nutritional yeast, this is the very definition of mouth-watering umami. A seasoning of dreams.

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Pure Sea Salt with Organic Spices 100g

Based on a Sixteenth Century French preservation recipe, this blend of nine organic spices gives dishes a rich, rounded flavour.

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Popeth everything bagel seasoning 100g

Based on the popular American 'everything' bagel seasoning - a moreish mix of sesame, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, red chillies and, of course, Pure Sea Salt. It's gently warming but not hot.

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Clean Living Lobster/ Seaweed Dish Cloths

Super absorbent dishcloths in two coastal designs, Olive Seaweed and Red Lobster. Eco friendly and compostable.


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Organically Certified

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