Very Good Breakfast Landscape Giftbox - Halen Môn

Very Good Breakfast Landscape Giftbox

Breakfast like royalty with this brand new giftbox. Brand new for this year, choose the outer photo sleeve design to make this gift personal. Everything comes hand-packed and nestled amongst cardboard shredding.


A stellar collection of coffee and condiments that will lift any breakfast above the ordinary.

Halen Môn x Coaltown Black Gold Ground Coffee 200g

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Bloody Mary Ketchup 250g

All the flavour from the classic cocktail - including a dash of vodka - in a deliciously savoury ketchup.

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Pure Sea Salt in a Finer Flake 100g

We sieve our Pure Sea Salt to capture these finer flakes.

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Salted Caramel Spread 200g

Eat it straight from the jar or warm it gently to turn into an exquisitely drizzly sauce. Winner of two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards.

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Salted Honey Butter 225g

Three things that go together exceptionally well are brought together in one jar.

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Please choose a sleeve for the giftbox

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Organically Certified

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