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Miso & Matcha: Halen Môn in Japan

Why do so many chefs use world-famous Halen Môn?

The answer is simple: because people who appreciate good food appreciate good salt to season it.

It's not just us saying that; customers tell us they like the fact we make it from seawater taken only from around Anglesey- that we don't adulterate our brine with imported sea salt or rock salt. They like the fact we rinse our sea salt crystals which gives them their characteristic brilliant gem-like appearance and the correct balance of delicious minerals, with no hint of bitterness.

They love being able to see the clean sea from which we take our brine, flowing past our garden. They are delighted that the initials on the bottom of each Halen Môn tube means that a real person made it for them.

We hope you'll feel the same.

Best wishes -