Wild seaweed bath-in-a-box

For hundreds of years, people have been bathing in seaweed for its nurturing, restorative and healing properties. In warm water, seaweed releases its mineral-dense oils, offering rich relaxation and soothing tired muscles. Warm water opens up your pores and blood vessels, allowing the skin to be more receptive to the minerals and vitamins that have been released into the water. Traditionally seaweed baths have been thought to help a series of skin conditions, with vitamins A-K leaving your skin baby-soft, and giving you a natural glow.


  • Full instructions - simply add hot water to the 100% organic seaweed to release the oils and then dilute with plenty of warm water for a luxurious bath
  • A muslin bag
  • 100% organic celtic seaweed


  • Given the natural scent of the seaweed, some people like to add a few drops of essential oils of their choice to their bath
  • A handful of sea salt

Please note the design on the sleeve may be different to the photo.

You can even use the seaweed in your garden once it's done in your bath.


Everything you need for a deeply moisturising, mineral-dense and 100% naturally restorative soak at home. Comes beautifully giftboxed and can be used on up to three consecutive days.

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