Menai Strait Luxury Gin Giftbox - Gin + Sea Salt - Halen Môn

Menai Strait Luxury Gin Giftbox – Gin + Sea Salt

Containing a full-size bottle of our award-winning Jin Môr, along with a little ceramic jar of pure sea salt, complete with wooden spoon.


Our luxury Welsh gin giftbox won’t disappoint. A crafted wooden giftbox with a marbled enamel lid, based on original designs by Jess Lea-Wilson.

Jin Môr - Sea Salt Gin 70cl

In our famed 'gin of the sea', classic botanicals are enhanced by a pinch of our sea salt for a flavour as deep as the sea itself. A luxury Welsh gin with a classic dry finish.

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Little Ceramic Jar With Pure Sea Salt (15g)

One of our best selling products, and for good reason, this jar sits handsomely in any kitchen.

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Organically Certified

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