Limited Collection Chloé Rosetta Bell Sea Salt Bowl - Halen Môn

Limited Collection Chloé Rosetta Bell Sea Salt Bowl


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From a limited collection by the ceramicist Chloé Rosetta Bell, these bowls are each handmade and glazed using minerals that are a by-product of our salt-making process. An exquisite gift.

These beautiful bowls have been made especially for us by talented ceramicist Chloé Rosetta Bell.

Chloé has worked on several iterations of the Sea Salt collection, inspired by Halen Môn and the coastline of Ynys Môn, working closely with Flow Gallery in London.

The initial collections sold out incredibly quickly, and we are delighted that Chloé has made another limited collection solely for our customers.

These exquisite bowls use a glaze made from the seaweed and mussel shells found on the beach at Halen Môn, as well as the chalk residue left over from washing our world-famous sea salt. You can see and feel the marks left from the shells.

The lid will help keep your Halen Môn in perfect condition if you keep it by the cooker.

More imagery available on request – sizes and colours may vary slightly due to the handmade process. Approx 7cm x 5 cm.




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