Five reasons to book a Wild Seaweed Bath

by | Apr 23, 2023


An outdoor bathing experience.

This spring at Halen Môn, we are super excited to be offering a modern take on a rather old tradition.

For hundreds of years, people have been bathing in seaweed for its nurturing, restorative and healing properties. This year, using the pure water generated as a by-product of our sea salt harvesting process, we are the first company in Wales to offer a bespoke outdoor bathing experience, celebrating the unparalleled view in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Don your swimming costume and soak in the power of seaweed in your own private upcycled whiskey barrel.

1. Bathe in tradition.


It is thought that farmers along the coast who used seaweed for fertiliser found handling the weed brought relief from their aches and dry skin, which is how the tradition began.

Seaweed baths were common in Europe at the turn of the 19th century, Ireland boasting 300 or so traditional ‘bathhouses’, where there are still a handful today.


2. Experience the effects of rich, mineral-dense oils.


When activated in warm water, seaweed releases its mineral-dense oils, so rich and moisturising it has a texture similar to olive oil.

Let the seaweed detoxify your body and enrich your skin with vitamins A—K, giving you a natural glow, and making your skin baby-soft. 

3. Intense relaxation (especially after exercise.)


Relax and soak in the beautifully warm water (around 40C), encouraging true restoration and escape from the everyday grind. Especially wonderful if you’ve been running, surfing, swimming or walking.

4. A ridiculously beautiful location.

The view at Halen Môn is the reason our co-founders, Alison and David, have started three businesses along this stretch: it’s utterly beautiful.

Gaze over the water to Eryri, and experience the rejuvenation of being outdoors, with the comfort of deliciously warm water on your body. Every weather brings something difference to the experience. Revitalising sunshine or invigorating rain – you’ll be cosy whatever. 

5. Sustainable seaweed.

The seaweed we use is incredibly sustainable – it doesn’t require soil, fertiliser, or fresh water to grow, and when harvested at the right time it encourages even more regrowth.

6. Something different to do with friends/ your love/ a parent.

A brilliant gift, and something wonderful to do with the ones you love. Enjoy a cold cider and become part of the landscape for 40 minutes. 

IMAGES: Jim Marsden and Jake Lea-Wilson

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