Where did our tubes go? - Halen Môn

We used to package our salt and pepper in foil lined cardboard tubes with metal or plastic ends.

They were sturdy and looked very nice. They were also very hard to recycle and so mostly ended up as landfill. We weren’t happy about that.

Our new pouches use 50% less material. The card is easily recyclable, and an increasing number of recycling facilities have the capacity to recycle plastic bags, films and pouches.

The pouch is resealable, so it will work just as well as a tube for storing your salt and it’s wide enough to get your spoon into, or even your fingers.

The header card has all the usual stuff such as ingredients and nutritional data, and inside there’s a recipe, some other serving suggestions and an interesting fact.

Our new packaging is just coming through, and soon all of our 100g salts will be packaged in pouches.

Should you wish to decant your Halen Môn we have beautiful canistersbowlsmills and salt pigs in our online shop.

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