What have London black cabs, bovine semen and Halen Môn got in common? - Halen Môn

The answer, of course, is that Britain exports all of them across the globe. Others on the list of ‘Britain’s Oddest Exports’ included haggis, lemon curd and London Bridge. The following is an extract from the article, published in The Huffington Post:

Britain is lucky to be an island, as its sea salt is much in demand. The Anglesey Sea Salt Company supplies its signature ‘Halen Môn’ salt crystals to 22 countries across the globe, and owes 45% of its turnover from exports to places like Hong Kong.

How could you not like a good ol’ black cab? They’re exported to Spain, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Yep, there’s a market for British bulls’ semen. It helps artificially inseminate cows. Interested markets include Kenya and Albania, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the Falkland Islands.


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