Last week we received a Sustainable Business award from Cynnal Cymru, Wales’ Sustainable Development Charity. The winner was chosen purely by the voting public, so we would like to thank everyone who took five minutes out of their day to choose us. It means a huge amount.

We started our business because we love where we live. It makes sense to us to do everything we can to protect the beautiful environment that makes our product so special.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint every year, and keep tabs on this by measuring our use of electricity, gas and water. We re-use everything we can – from selling the distilled water that is our biggest by-product (read more here), to re-using old salt-making equipment (for example, the old stainless steel pipes from our very first evaporator are now the supporting signposts across the site.)

Most recently, we’ve invested in a four acre field to grow a huge range of plants and encourage insects to frequent the area surrounding our Saltcote.


The award recognised that we approach our business with ‘financial, social and environmental sustainability at (our) core’ and it is amazing to have our commitment rewarded.

Thanks in particular go to Eluned, the brilliant manager of our visitor centre (amongst other things), who put so much time and effort into the award application.

Images: J Lea-Wilson

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