Regular readers of our blog will know we have a feature called ‘A panad with…’ (‘A cup of tea with…’.)  where we ask interesting people quick questions about food, philosophy, and life. Over the years, one of our favourite questions has come to be ‘describe Wales in five words.’ A little constraint makes some people very creative with their answers.

For St David’s Day, we thought it would be nice to gather some of our highlights together to celebrate our home. So here they are. From Sir Terry Wogan to Sir Ken Hom, and plenty of people in between, here’s how our small country is summed up.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN GREGSON: Wet, but still incredibly beautiful

BUTTER MAKER GRANT HARRINGTON: Surf, dragons, daffodils, rugby-rivals, earth

THE MARRAM GRASS HEAD CHEF ELLIS BARRIE: Beautiful, welcoming, community, adventure, food

 Wild lands, warm people, home

NATIONAL TREASURE SIR TERRY WOGAN: Land of song and laverbread

OWNER OF NOM NOM CHOCOLATE LIAM BURGESS: Determination, adventure, creativity, curiosity, magic

OWNER OF FATTIE’S BAKERY CHLOE THIMMS:  Wild, comforting, fresh, bountiful & hilly

HALEN MÔN CO-FOUNDER  ALISON LEA-WILSON: Proud, farsighted, inclusive, beautiful, nurturing

CHEF TOMOS PARRY: ‘Hiraeth’, rugby, daffodils, Welsh poetry

NANTMOOR MUSHROOM’S CO-FOUNDER CYNAN JONES: Fascinating, inspirational, frustrating and home

DYLAN’S RESTAURANT CO-FOUNDER ROBIN HODGSON: Wild, wonderful, wet, windy and wistful

DO LECTURES CO-FOUNDER DAVID HIEATT: Humble. Humour. Honest. Community. Creative.

FOOD WRITER SIGNE JOHANSON: Beautiful, serene, friendly, melodic, welcoming

CHEF KEN HOM:  A place with great food

FOOD WRITER LEE WATSON: Friendly, historic, music, poetry, mountains

All images: Jess Lea-Wilson

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