Things we can do to help our rivers

by | Apr 25, 2024

   The North Wales River Trust are looking for River Ambassadors – volunteers with a love of wildlife and water, who are keen to learn new things and share them with their local community. If you don’t have time to volunteer though, there are still plenty of things you can do to help our precious water, support biodiversity and take care of our incredible landscape here in Wales (and beyond.)


1. Stop using non-stick pans

Non-stick coatings might be handy, but they often contain toxic PFA’s. When you wash your pans, those chemicals can slip into water systems. 

2. Replace toxic cleaning products for eco friendly products

Swap out those toxic cleaning products for eco-friendly alternatives. Making the switch not only cleans up your home but also prevents harmful chemicals from getting into our waterways.

3. Install a water butt or rain garden

Capturing rainwater not only saves the day during droughts but also stops runoff from dragging pollutants into our precious water sources.

4. Reuse grey water

Reusing grey water reduces the demand for freshwater resources. Grey water is wastewater from non-toilet plumbing systems like sinks, showers and baths.

5. Install a displacement device in your toilet cisterns

Displacement devices reduce the volume of water used per flush. By using less water with each flush, we can save gallons and gallons of water.

6. Put up your ‘Don’t Block’ signs in your toilet and kitchens

It’s time to keep things flowing smoothly. Try reminding everyone to be mindful of what goes down the drain to prevent messy blockages.

7. Phase out single use items

Plastic pollution can be found in every single river in Wales. Reducing your use of single use items will help reduce micro plastic contamination and reduce the harm on aquatic ecosystems.

8. Replace ‘wet wipes’ with toilet paper

Ditch the wet wipes. Even the biodegradable ones can cause a mess in our sewage systems. 

9. Put lids on outside bins

Putting lids on bins reduces the chance of litter from being blown or washed into water sources.

10. Organise a river clean up

Participating or organising a river clean-up allows you to make an immediate impact on your local environment by removing litter, making a visible difference in your community. By taking action to keep our rivers clean, you’re contributing to the well-being of wildlife.

11. Organise a NWRT tree planting morning

Get your hands dirty with a tree planting morning. Tree planting helps to establish riparian buffer zones, which filter pollutants, stabilise soil, and prevent erosion.

12. Grow wetland plants for your garden

Add some splash to your garden with wetland plants. They enhance water filtration, reduce runout, and provide habitat for diverse wildlife.

13. Buy local/seasonal and organic food

Support your local farmers and the planet with every bite. By choosing local seasonal and organic food you reduce your carbon footprint and minimise the use of pesticides and fertilisers, which run off into farmland.

14. Fundraise for a NWRT river restoration project

Make a splash with fundraising for river restoration projects. Whether you’re running a race or taking a leap of faith, every penny raised helps restore and protect our rivers

15. Reuse half empty glasses of water on your plants

Give your leftover water a second chance by quenching the thirst of your plants, turning what might have been wasted into a valuable resource for your plants.

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