'The Salt of Live' - Halen Môn

‘In today’s fast-paced and hectic world, Antonio Castelló Avilleira offers us a rare moment of reflection in his superbly timeless new paintings. He arrests fleeting moments, such as the ripeness of fruit, to great effect, thus exploring nature at its most fragile. Yet his exquisite artwork is not just another memento mori since he also invigorates new life into the classic still life genre; he seamlessly blends a classical technique of painting with a modern photographic approach of framing and documenting. The result is a take on the world that is both fresh and timeless.’

So it says on the website of a South London art gallery, exhibiting this rather striking image, containing none other than Anglesey Sea Salt. Many thanks to Bun, who pointed the painting out to us. To find out more about Antonio Castello’s work visit the Plus One Gallery website.

Antonio is famous for his hyper-surrealist paintings, which are so realistic that they are easy to mistake for photographs.



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