It’s hard not to be enthusiastic about solar power when you consider how good it is, not just for us, but for our customers, our environment and our island.

The forty panels we have recently installed on-site aren’t going to change the world but they are a tiny footstep in the right direction. The panels have been made in Wales, price rises have been averted (at least for a while) and carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced…what’s not to like?

Our solar saga began with endless analysis, proposals and sketches, and a huge amount of paperwork had to be waded through before we got to the installation stage. Furthermore, our crazy financial world means we can get loans for many other things, but not for solar panels so in the end the finance had to come from a lateral source.

But now, just before I leave work for the day, I can look at the solar powered display that tells me exactly how much energy has been created and how much feel-good factor I can go home with. I can’t think of a single investment I have made in anything (other, than, ahem, of course, my wife and children) where the returns have been so good in terms of feeling like you are making a difference.

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