We have been supplying Rococo chocolates with our sea salt for longer than we care to remember, and we thought it was about time we raved about what a fine company they are.

Chantal Coady founded the now world-famous and multi award-winning business in 1983, in a bid to ‘break the chocolate mould.’ Soon she was producing chocolates packaged as beautifully as they tasted – with friends from art school she painted Boticelli cherubs and clouds on the ceiling of her first shop, even making a chandelier from sugar to light up the window.

Today, we are proud to be an ingredient in several of Chantal & her team’s exquisite chocolates, from their delectably delicate Sea Salted Milk Chocolate Wafers (is there anything more satisfying than hearing that ‘snap’ after dinner?) to the incredibly smooth and velvety Anglesey Sea Salt Caramel Ganaches, with a flavour so fresh and rich they make your heart sing (below).


Rococo say:
‘Salt intensifies cocoa and caramel flavour notes in our organic chocolate blend (s), and the lingering salty-sweet taste in a … chocolate … is incredibly moreish.’

Other products worth their salt are the beautiful Salted Chocolate Toffee and Hazelnut Pralines, and the playfully delicious Almond and Rosemary Sea Salt Milk Bar.


Dawn Mellowship (chocolate blogger) says:
‘Standard table salt is not exactly healthy heart material but sea salt contains a balance of key minerals that help ensure the body has adequate electrolytes. After convincing myself thoroughly that the addition of sea salt had made my chocolate positively brimming with essential nutrients I took a bite of the chocolate wafers and sure enough, the salt intensified the flavour of the chocolate and took the edge off any sweetness.’

We say:

Rococo have been avid fans of provenance and authenticity long before it was fashionable – there is real care taken in sourcing their ingredients. They were also long before their time in packaging their products – we all know we eat with our eyes, and the gorgeous and original packaging truly does their products justice.

We are very proud to supply such an innovative company.


You can get your mitts on this chocolatey goodness from:

Rococo online

Shop Cwtch, Anglesey

The Grosvenor Hotel, Chester


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