Little Ceramic Jar with Garlic Sea Salt (15g)


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Our little jar comes with a lovely little spoon and is a perfect taster of our award-winning sea salt.


Our little jar comes with a lovely spoon and is a perfect taster of our award-winning sea salt.

Our Welsh wholesaler asked us to make this recipe for one of his customers. We liked it so much we decided to make it for everyone. Great with stir fries.

Try this salt with:
- mashed potato
- Menai mussels
- a dijon salad dressing
- a simple bruschetta starter
- buttered corn

Each jar is 6cm high and comes with a wooden spoon.

The more adventurous among us should try:
  • Adding a generous sprinkle to mushrooms in a hot buttery pan, along with with tarragon and a splash of sherry for the best breakfast
  • Chopping a whole unwaxed lemon and a big bunch of parsley together with 1/2 a teaspoon of garlic salt for a cheat’s gremolata, to serve alongside grilled white fish or bean soups
  • Finely slicing a glut of courgettes and cooking with a generous pinch of garlic salt, lots of torn mint and great olive oil for a silky pasta sauce
  • Adding a pinch to shimmering hot rapeseed or vegetable oil with whole mustard, coriander and cumin seeds to pour over red lentil dahl for the ultimate flavour boost


Additional information

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Halen Môn Pure Sea Salt PDO (85%), Roasted garlic powder (15%)
Country of Origin: Wales, (UK)

Nutritional Information

100g contains
Energy 186kj/44kcal
Fat 0.2g
(of which saturates <0.1g)
(of which mono-saturates <0.1g)
(of which polyunsaturates 0.1g)
Carbohydrate 11g
(of which sugars 8.8g)
(of which polyols 0g)
(of which starch 0g)
Fibre 4.5g
Protein 1.9g
Salt 78g

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