Snowdrop cyanotype


A one of a kind Cyanotype print of a beautiful snowdrop, mounted and ready to frame. Created with local Welsh plants and flower specimens.

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The delicate snowdrop is captured in these beautiful one of a kind prints by Welsh artist S Wyn. Each is unique so may differ slightly from the image.

Cyanotypes are a made by a historical photographic process where chemicals are painted onto the surface of the paper or fabric in subdued lighting. Once dry the paper is placed exposed to sunlight and created with real plant specimens. The paper is then washed in water and the exposed areas of the paper turn blue.

Cyanotypes are archival, however it is advisable to display the print away from direct sunlight which can cause print to fade. If fading occurs, washing the print in a dilute bath of hydrogen peroxide will usually restore it to its original intensity.

Print: 9.5 x 7.5 Inches
Mount: 14 x 11 Inches

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