Rococo Organic Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt, Almond & Rosemary 70g


A classic organic milk chocolate with a crunchy sea salted almond texture and the subtle aroma of rosemary.


Rococo’s founder Chantal Coady was sipping a glass of sherry one evening and nibbling on some salted rosemary almonds, when she wondered what they’d taste like in her organic chocolate. This bar is the extremely delicious answer.

Additional information


Cane sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, caramelized almonds (10%) cocoa mass, Anglesey Sea Salt (0.5%), rosemary essential oil (trace), emulsifier: SOYA lecithin.

May contain traces of other nuts and sulphur dioxide.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition: 100g contains
Energy 2310kj/552kcal
Fat 36g
Carbohydrate 50g
of which sugars 48.1g
Protein 6g
Salt 0.6g


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