Pure White Sea Salt 1kg


This salt is famous for a reason. Tastes of the cleanest oceans and delivers an intense salty crunch to anything it is added to.

Our original Pure Sea Salt tastes of the cleanest oceans and has an intense crunch that makes even simple foods such as ripe tomatoes, potato chips and tuna carpaccio taste incredible.

This product comes in our eco-friendly re-sealable pouch.

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3 reviews for Pure White Sea Salt 1kg

  1. Sam

    I am no cook, not by any stretch, but adding this salt to any dish just elevates it to a different level. I was a long time user of the 75p 1kg cheap supermarket salt for 20+ years. I will never go back now I have tried this salt. 100% worth it.

  2. Bronagh

    Using Halen Mon salt is the easiest way to revolutionise your cooking. I really love seasoning with their produce (and would especially recommend their charcoal salt as a final touch to boiled eggs) as their salt adds so much flavour to any dish. Really recommended.

  3. Peter Evans

    Quite simply the most exquisite taste. Pure taste of the sea, that enhances any food. No unpleasant after-taste like some sea salts.

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Weight 1.15 kg

Halen Môn Pure Sea Salt PDO. Country of origin: Wales

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