Pure Sea Salt in a Finer Flake 500g


We sieve our Pure Sea Salt to capture these finer flakes.

The same intense, clean flavour as our Pure Sea Salt, but less of the crunch.

Easily adds flavour to:

  • Salad dressings
  • Savoury sauces and dips
  • Vegetables, fish and meat before roasting or grilling
  • Chutneys and pickles before jarring or bottling

The more adventurous among us should try:

  • Tossing grated root vegetables in finer salt then squeezing dry. Mixing the vegetables with gram flour, savoury spices and a splash of water until the mixture holds together before shaping into rounds and frying on both sides until crisp and golden
  • Mixing with an equal amount of sugar and fresh herbs to make a cure for roughly chopped red peppers or hardy root vegetables like swede or celeriac before wiping away the cure and roasting for tender and full of flavour veg
  • Adding a pinch with sugar to chopped apples or pears before baking in a crumble for a better dessert
  • Tossing with chopped tomatoes and a splash of red wine vinegar for the zingiest, freshest tasting tomatoes, whatever the season


Please note our products are sold on weight not volume.

This product is Kosher. Soil Association Approved product.


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Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg

Halen Môn Pure Sea Salt PDO
Country of origin: Wales, (UK)

Packaging Info

This product is packed in a polyethylene pouch, widely recycled by councils and supermarkets, with a removable cardboard header. Rest assured we are always looking at the best options for our packaging, to have a minimum impact on our environment and keep our products fresh.

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