Pump Street Dark Chocolate Bar – Eccles 70g


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The classic Eccles cake in a chocolate bar; puff pastry, the best Voztizza currants, raisins, Armagnac and a mix of spices, encapsulated in luxurious, dark Ecuadorian chocolate.

Proud craft chocolate makers Pump St source cacao from the best growers in the world, who ferment and dry the beans at origin. They then tailor their roasting, grinding and conching to yield the best tasting chocolate possible.

We love their ethos and flavour combinations.




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Cocoa beans, Cane sugar, Organic cocoa butter, Flour (wheat), Sea Salt, Currants, Raisins, Brown sugar, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Brandy, Butter.

Nutritional Information

100g contains
Energy 489kcal/2048kj
Fat 33.9g
(of which saturates 19.8g)
Carbohydrates 51.7g
(of which sugar 31.8g)
Protein 6.8g
Salt 0.1g

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