Handmade Ceramic Salt Pig (light blue)


A hand-made and tactile traditional salt pig, with a matte outer and an inner glaze inspired by our British coastline. The shape is designed to keep moisture away from the salt.

Each piece is hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel and trimmed with a rounded base. When the pots are still damp they are pushed at an angle onto the surface so that each salt pig will sit either with a tilt or upright making it perfect to hold the salt but also scoop it out easily.

The inside is glazed and the outside is left unglazed offering a lovely contrast of textures.

Please note the pig does not come with a spoon or salt, these are sold separately

Width 8.5cm x Height 9cm
Sizes, colours and shapes may vary slightly from image due to the handmade process
Dishwasher safe
Made in the UK

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