From February 2016, we are very excited to be selling our very own fresh, homegrown mussels at our Saltcote in Brynsiencyn. Having been frustrated for some time at the lack of access to our own local seafood, we thought it was about time we did something about it. So we decided to grow our own.


Here’s why you should be eating them:

  • Our mussels are guaranteed to have spent at least a year living in the rich, ultra-clean seawater of the Menai Strait, which comes in from the Gulf stream every day
  • We put the same care into our mussels as our sea salt – they are harvested and washed by hand before being purified in small batches and then packed
  • You can see the day they were harvested so rest assured they are as fresh as can be
  • They have a carbon footprint measured in metres, not miles
  • Halen Môn’s David and Alison first started growing mussels some 40 years ago. We hope this means they know something about it!

Our mussels are priced at £5.50/ 1.5kg. At the moment, they are only available at Ty Halen, our Saltcote in Brynsiencyn, but in exceptional circumstances we can send them next day delivery. Contact us to find out more.

For a deliciously simple recipe for mussels cooked with cider and Pure Sea Salt with Celery, click here.

One_musselImages: Jess Lea-Wilson

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