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Our most written-about product? Oak smoked water

by | Jan 30, 2024

Our Oak Smoked Water has been making waves for years now, even winning the ‘Best Ingredient’ from the World Food Innovation Awards back in 2018.

It is a 100% natural artisan ingredient (unlike Liquid Smoke), made entirely from wood smoke and water, and has a huge range of culinary applications. Our skilled team makes the product in our artisan smokers on-site at Halen Môn in Wales, using sustainable oak chips.  

Alison Lea-Wilson, Halen Môn’s Managing Director, said 

”Innovation has been a driving force of our company for more than two decades – and this product is really symbolic of that.

Food writers, reviewers and journalists continue to be amazed at how delicious, cost-saving and versatile it is as a product.

People still ask us at every food festival ‘what on earth is smoked water?’ and are amazed at the number of things you can do with it, from adding depth to veggie food, to enhancing BBQ flavours in marinades.’’

Over the years, we have made it into:


The Independent


Food 52

Grub Street

The Guardian

Mail Online


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