Some weekends seem to go on forever, and this one just gone, helped greatly by bright sunshine, clear skies, and our brilliant new electric bikes, seemed to be one of them.

The bikes, available to hire at HM HQ from today, are commonplace in many European countries, but still a bit of a rarity in the UK. They are a brilliant combination of conventional and modern – you still need to pedal, but after a couple of rounds, the motor kicks in and it feels as though someone is, very gently, pushing you forwards. Turn the electric up a gear and a difficult hill becomes easily negotiable, and once more, and you can reach a speed of up to 15mph.


Even after a couple of hours, the novelty didn’t seem to wear off, as we sped past astounded walkers, joggers, and (OK, admittedly parked) motorbikes. Don’t worry though, if you’re one of those boring people who enjoy old-fashioned exercise, or one of those more normal ones who likes to cycle but only really along the flat, you can easily turn the electric off and turn your cycle into a conventional one.


We looped through our lovely local hedgerows, filled with bluebells and wild orchids, and along the seashore littered with oystercatchers. All the nearly-cycling made us thirsty, so we stopped for a panad at the Tripadvisor sensation Giddy Aunt’s Tearoom for a tea and one of the best scones on the island.

The bikes are available to hire by the half-day or the full day, and come charged ready to cover up to 60 miles. They are so many lovely places to go locally – from the aforementioned Giddy Aunt’s just a few minutes up the road for coffee, to the Marram Grass for lunch, and Aberfraw or Newborough Beach for picnics and stunning walks. The bikes mean you can cover a lot of ground, and make any hills inconsequential. Just make sure you leave enough time to get back to us before we close!

As well as two electric bikes, we also have a conventional one for hire, for those who like things the old-fashioned way.

More info on prices and safety at Ty Halen or on our bike page.