Marine Conservation Society

by | Mar 3, 2022

Marine Conservation Society are a team of individuals working around the UK to help to keep our waters clean, and to help to conserve our diverse array of ocean species. From cleaning beaches, to shaping government policies, they are here to help to keep our seas bio-diverse, protected and healthier.

As a UK based charity, their aim is to work with communities, businesses and governments as they plan to secure and protect our wildlife and ecosystems. Their aim is to manage a minimum of 30% of UK waters by 2030. Using people-powered action and scientific backed evidence, they hope to limit the negative impacts of human activity across our beautiful coastline.

Our UK seas are full of life – from cuttlefish to coral, the Marine Conservation Society are here to help put ocean friendly policies and actions into place.

Although the society operate across the whole of the UK, they have been working to protect our spectacular Welsh coastline for almost 20 years. Almost half of our Welsh seas are already Marine Protected Areas. Their words describe our shores perfectly – “where warm food-rich waters collide with colder seas”. We couldn’t agree more.

They created the first Welsh National Marine Plan, and helped to drive the introduction of a ban on scalloping along vulnerable areas of our coastline. After decades of campaigning, Wales were the first nation to introduce a charge on polluting carrier bags, and since then the numbers washing up on beaches in Wales have fallen by 88%. 

There are an amazing 20’000 volunteers in Wales alone who help to keep our beaches spotless, so that the natural beauty of our coast can be enjoyed for years to come, and to ensure our native wildlife can thrive.

Their goals continue to be to:

  • Aim for a third of our seas to be truly protected, so nature can thrive.
  • Ocean pollution levels to show and maintain a clear downward trend.
  • Our biodiverse ocean life to be at sustainable levels.

Thanks to your donations via our webshop around Christmas 2021, which we have matched, we are donating over £350.00 to the Marine Conservation Society, helping ensure our oceans thrive with marine life. Our values are aligned in ensuring we strive for a more sustainable and transparent future.

Click here to find out more about the important work the Marine Conservation Society do.



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