Great things in jars and tins

by | Oct 5, 2023

Once confined to the back of the cupboard, tinned foods are finally getting the attention they deserve with some incredible producers putting time and effort into making delicious, beautiful and sustainable tinned products. 

Look at our instagram for a tour of our Catalonian importer’s warehouse, which is the most joyous celebration of things in tins if we ever saw one.

Below, we’ve  pulled together some of our absolute favourites. From exquisite packaging to whole restaurant menus built round them, and even one of our favourite cookbooks, it’s time to get excited about great things in tins. 

Tins for supper

These are tins worth building your supper round or packing up and taking to your favourite picnic spot.

Tins for the store cupboard

These are tins we think should be in every cupboard.  They’re a quick and easy way to extend the seasons and a cheaper way to get hold of the best quality foods.

    • The classic Ortiz tuna, not just for the glorious packaging
    • The best ever tinned tomatoes, from high quality tomatoes at the height of summer
    • Everybody’s favourite cocktail hour olives, will immediately make a surprise guest feel welcome
  • Bear with us but these tinned potatoes can make a meal in moments. We once bumped into a local chef in the corner-shop and they pointed us in their direction, great sliced into an omelette or quick and easy roast potatoes
  • For the packaging alone perhaps, LA based tinned fish from Siesta Co.

Great books about cooking with tins

There are some great books out there about the joys of cooking with tins.

And finally…

We do a beautiful gin giftset with a lovely tin lid

A bottle of Jin Môr luxury gin
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