Whatever your political stance, it seems fair to say that the UK, and indeed the wider world, has had a tumultuous year. Perhaps now, more than ever, we are in need of some reading material with an optimistic, progressive outlook on the world.

An Anglesey-born writer (and one-time employee of Halen Môn) is making waves as editor-in-chief of Positive News, a constructive journalism print magazine. It’s difficult for us not to be on board with it. Here’s a few reasons why:

– GLASS HALF-FULL – the magazine aims to change the news for good, providing quality reporting that focuses on progress and possibility.

– #OWNTHEMEDIA – after an incredible crowd-funding campaign, the magazine is now owned by its readers, each of whom have an equal say in the future of the publication.

– GOOD BUSINESS – the businesses Positive News work with are all ethical and sustainable, working with a network of like-minded organisations.

– BEAUTIFUL + USEFUL – after nearly two decades of being a newspaper, the publication made the move to a magazine so beautiful that we want to keep every issue.

Subscribe to the magazine for four issues of the magazine a year, delivered straight to your door, and check out their website for a selection of their articles.


HEADER IMAGE: Anglesey’s South Stack lighthouse by J Lea-Wilson


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