The following is an extract from an article published in Edible Manhattan, written by Matthew Karkutt.

Traveling to Wales with five food media folks and four chefs felt like a certain fantasy novel. Like any good fellowship on a quest, it required a map at its outset, and I ripped mine from a tired notebook labeled “lists and neuroticism.” In early April I made my private to-do list a personal map inside a packed itinerary featuring activities like foraging on the grounds of the Grove-Narberth, sampling Welsh biscuits at Swansea Market and seeing early-20th-century shopping preserved at Thomas Shop. In a land where a dragon is proudly stitched to the country’s flag, I hoped to find those legends and epics that inspire inner geeks (“hi”) with palates for good ale and D&D. What follows is how I checked off my list and discovered food and drink creators across the country committed to welcoming guests to the Welsh table—a table set responsibly…

Photo credit Jordan Kraemer.
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