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Easy Christmas desserts

by | Nov 28, 2023

Simple and speedy desserts for the Christmas season. All easy to whip up before your guests arrive or the night before and special enough for the big day itself.

Chocolate mousse

Standing on the shoulders of giants here with our take on Elizabeth David’s classic chocolate mousse recipe from French Provincial Cooking first published in 1960. In our opinion, the lightest, smoothest and most flavourful mousse imaginable.

A simple recipe to make ahead of time, it can be made straight into individual glasses but we like to make a bowl full and take scoops out to serve at the table. An easy Christmas dessert if we ever saw one.

Mini salted caramel + apple meringues

Always surprisingly simple to make, these meringues are elevated by a swirl of our Salted Caramel Spread. Paired with whipped cream & caramel stewed bramley apples this is a seasonal treat of a pudding.

Seville orange chocolate tart

This is a very rich and indulgent no-bake chocolate tart and the salted dark chocolate pecan and biscuit base is filled with rich chocolate and Seville orange ganache. Seville oranges are sharp and bitter, beautifully balancing the sweetness of the chocolate.

Salted caramel + apple crumble cake

A perfect cake for those in-between days around Christmas time, with tea or for dessert; it’s light enough to enjoy on its own, or with a dollop of cool crème fraiche.

No-churn hazelnut espresso ice cream

This is an absolute knockout ice cream with no need for an ice-cream maker, or checking the freezer every 30 minutes. Miraculous.
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