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Five festive canapés

by | Dec 1, 2022

Dazzling canapés for the Christmas season. All easy to whip up before your guests arrive and perfect with fizz. Pleasingly little and perfectly balanced bites.

Mackerel + pickled beetroot blinis

A really easy recipe for making your own blinis, which are topped with mackerel and beetroot. If you’re short on time then you can buy some good blinis nowadays. You’ll have some leftover pickled beetroot which will keep in the fridge for a few weeks and would be an excellent addition to any sandwich.


Anna Jones’ green olive Welsh cakes

A beautiful recipe for Welshcakes here – we’ll never look at this staple in the same way again.


Roasted grape + ricotta crostini

Roasted grapes with a dash of vinegar and our Pure Sea Salt Smoked over Oak with creamy ricotta and crispy sage. Serve them on little crostini. Sweet, sour, salty and smoky – they’ve got it all going on. (Serve with napkins, this one is messy!)


Bloody Mary devilled eggs


Devilled eggs are having a comeback in the UK, and this Halen Môn twist makes us glad that they are. Our Popeth seasoning adds a delicious crunch but toasted seeds and a generous pinch of our salt would also work very nicely.

Dark rye and sesame brown butter shortbread


These crumbly, nutty biscuits are perfect with a cup of strong coffee, or alongside a scoop of ice cream. We like the contrast of black sesame seeds alongside white, but if you can only find white ones, use those instead, or try adding poppy seeds.

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