We have been collaborating with innovative Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop for a few years now, helping produce their fabulous Salt Made from Tears range. For these clever products, our salts are beautifully packaged in glass bottles and branded as salt ‘made from tears of laughter or sorrow’ – a brilliant concept that has proved very popular.

These products are stocked in a unique shop (in London), which funds a brilliant project called the Ministry of Stories. This initiative was started to fire up children’s imaginations – read more about it on their website.

Anyway. The staff at the shop recently went exploring in their basement storeroom and discovered an unopened chest. Inside were two salts, one as black as midnight, the other tinged with a mossy green.

As these bottles weren’t labelled, they have no idea which tears produced this salt. Salt made from tears of… Fear? Dread? Seasickness? That’s where you come in.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies are asking for help to identify the emotion and name the new salts. As a thank you, the winner will receive one of each of the new salts and see their answer printed on the bottles and stocked in store.

At the ready!

The name should be no longer than 12 characters. It can be one or two words long, for instance salt made from tears of ‘sweaty dread’ or ‘heartbreak’.

We know that these salts are definitely not from the current range which feature ‘Salt made from tears of…’

Name that salt!

You can make up to two suggestions, one for each salt, per person. Entries will be judged by the lovely people at Studio Weave, see how to enter below.

Facebook – like this page and post your answer.

Twitter – send Hoxton Street Supplies a tweet @monstersupplies using the hashtag #monstersalt

Email – drop a line on thea@ministryofstories.org with your name, contact details and entry.

In person – visit Hoxton Street Monster Supplies on Hoxton Street and add your entry to the competition box

Snail mail – Send a postcard with your name, contact details and entry to Salt Competition, 159 Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, Hoxton Street, London, N1 6PJ

Check out Hoxton St Monster Supplies website for terms and conditions.

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