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Charred Pineapple with Oak Smoked Sugar + Dark Rum

by | May 4, 2020


Serves 6

  • 1 ripe pineapple
  • 80g Oak Smoked Sugar 
  • 2 tbsp of good, dark rum
  • Flavourless sunflower oil 

Pineapple is one of our absolute favourites on the BBQ – it instantly makes you feel like you’re on holiday.  See also: peaches with scorch marks, drizzled with honey. If you don’t have access to a BBQ at the moment, no fear, as the pineapple will work nicely in a hot griddle pan too. The combination of Oak Smoked Sugar and Dark Rum take this fruit to another level of delicious.

Begin by preparing the pineapple. Slice into half going through the leafy top, slice each half into three and cut out the tougher core and brush each slice of pineapple with a coating of oil so they don’t stick to the BBQ. 

Mix together the sugar and rum in a small bowl. 

Get your barbecue or griddle pan to a nice medium heat. Put slices of pineapple onto the BBQ and turn every 30 seconds or until each side has clear char marks. 

Remove the pineapple from the barbecue and transfer to a wide plate or tray, drizzle over the rum and sugar mix and combine thoroughly.

Once each slice of pineapple is nicely coated in the smoked sugar and rum mixture return them to the grill for a final minute on each side to finish the caramelisation. 

Serve on a big dish for maximum wow, with some good quality ice cream to hand.  

IMAGE: Jess Lea-Wilson
RECIPE: Sam Lomas


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