Breakfast with Steph McGovern - Halen Môn

Last week we had an unusual extra hand at Halen Môn HQ from none other than the lovely Steph McGovern from BBC Breakfast. She took a break from her busy TV schedule to come and record an interview for a new BBC Radio 4 programme all about salt.

Steph joined David on the Brynsiencyn sea shore early in the day (although not the normal 4.30am when she usually gets up) to help check the salinity of the water. They followed our pipeline from the harsh December winds on the beach right through to the harvesting inside the warmth of our production area. Her crew busily recorded sounds of everything from lapping waves and flags in the wind, to the noise of spades of our fluffy white flakes being harvested and then packed. There was, of course, an extensive discussion about what makes Halen Môn unique, followed by copious amounts of hot tea.

We very much look forward to hearing the programme in the new year, and will post a link to it as soon as we can. In the mean time our warmest thanks to Steph and her team for coming to find out more about Halen Môn.

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