We make the world’s finest sea salt. Our business exists for the good of all who are involved in making, buying and eating it.

Importantly, our team is committed to producing our products in a sustainable way. We started our business because we love the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where we live, so it makes sense that we are committed to preventing pollution. For now, and as long as we exist, we will monitor this to allow continual improvement.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint. Every year.

We recycle everything we can, and minimise the way we dispose of things where this is not practical. David likes to re-use much of what has come to the end of its life at work at home. (We have some old salt tanks in our garden that now house goldfish.)

Our products meet all those boring but very important food safety, legal and labelling requirements. We aim to maintain our British Retail Consortium grade ‘A’ standard with a reduction in non-conformances at our annual inspection.

Our ethos is to trade only in sustainable sources and ethically traded products. We will buy local We are also Soil Association certified. 

We support the use of energy efficient technology, and are always trying to use less energy. We reuse our waste products as ‘co products’ wherever possible, and have won awards for our innovative use of them. Our distilled water for example, is sold to clean telescope lenses.

We have installed solar panels to make the best of the beautiful Welsh sunshine.

We want our staff to care as much about the environment as we do, and our policies are given to them when they start working with us. These are also available to all interested parties, and are reviewed every year. Any training we think would be helpful to progress our environmental care is built into our business plan.

We are supporters of Slow Food – an organisation that promotes true enjoyment of good food, and food production systems that provide good, clean and fair food for everyone.


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