A panad with...comedian Kiri Pritchard Mclean - Halen Môn

A panad with…comedian Kiri Pritchard Mclean

by | Feb 15, 2021

As well as being one of our favourite comedians – you’ll recognise her from everything from Have I Got News For You to The News Quiz – Kiri Pritchard Mclean is known for being passionate about her home island of Ynys Môn, and for supporting independent Welsh businesses in whatever ways she can.

She has recently started ‘Welsh Wednesdays’ with her friend Katie Gill-Williams on Instagram, as an opportunity to talk about things that interest them, with the aim of encouraging more learners to have a go at the language by sharing the ‘realistic’ side of learning.

She also hosts the brilliant virtual comedy night The Covid Arms, which punters can watch from the comfort of their own living rooms. This month the show will be headlined by Al Murray and will come live from Pontio in Bangor, North Wales. So far the gigs have raised over £120,000 for the trussell trust, who support food banks all over the UK.

To use a phrase she often uses about other people, Kiri is what we would call a thoroughly ‘good egg.’

Catch her at the Covid Arms, the upcoming Gwyl online festival, or this stand-up special via BBC sounds. Here we chat all things local and edible.

You are a big advocate for buying local and buying independent. Why do you think it’s important?

Wales is a nation made of small businesses, we’re innovative and crafty and generous and I love to support that entrepreneurial spirit where I can – plus I love buying myself things.

If you buy locally your money is going straight back into your community, it’s not going to a tax haven, when you look at it that way I think buying small and local is an act of investment and that’s my excuse for having so many pairs of earrings. 

Do you have any go-to recipes using any local products (including Halen Môn?!)

Is it bad to say my style of cooking is just to whack loads of salt on it and hope for the best? Well, it’s true. Vegetables, whack some garlic halen môn on it. Bloody Mary, celery salt. Puddings – smoked halen môn. It’s not a recognised school of cookery but it works for me. 

What’s been the best thing about learning Welsh? 

I feel like it’s giving me a greater understanding of this beautiful country’s history and culture. 

It’s late, you’re hungry. What do you (or your partner?!) make to eat ?

Brechdan selsig (sausage sandwich), can’t go wrong. 


Describe Anglesey in five words. 

Hudolus. (Magical)

Hanesyddol (historical)

Hardd (beautiful)

Gwyntog (Windy)

Adre (Home)

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