A look back - Halen Môn

Here at HM HQ, we’ve been looking forward a lot recently. To the summer as the weather turns from cold and crisp to cool and bright, to the future as our new saltcote plans become ever closer to reality, and to new and exciting export markets as Alison travels to Macau and Tokyo on trade missions with UKTI.

Every so often though, it is important to look back. A very good friend commented on our facebook page recently that she was proud of how far we have come from that now infamous saucepan on the Aga. It took us back to that very first tube, and we realised how much the face of the business has changed in the past fifteen or so years.

Our packaging has had multiple phases, going from a clean blue tube,  to a now eco-friendly, modern, crisp pouch design. We are soon to move from the portacabins (which were a former doctor’s surgery) that we have called our offices for five years, to a fresh, new, purpose built building. Although we have long known it ourselves, our product has recently been legally certified as unique, and we have joined the likes of Champagne and Parma Ham to become a Protected Designation of Origin.


But despite these fairly major changes, our ethos has stayed the same. We are still a family business. We still strive to make our product the very best on the market. We still care hugely about what we do.

These things will stay the same.





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