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A Halen Môn BBQ

by | Aug 8, 2023

Cooking over coals is one of the highlights of summer for us. Here we’ve put together a list of some of our go-to BBQ recipes for when the sun is out (though they’ll all work on a griddle too if the weather isn’t kind.)

Pick one or two of these recipes for a weeknight supper in the garden or invite your friends and cook them all for a sunny celebration outdoors.

Grilled oysters in smoky spiced garlic butter

Menai oysters are grown right in front of our Saltcote at Halen Môn – the raw seawater is an incredible resource. You can do the prep earlier then it’s quick, easy (and impressive) to cook and serve. Your guests will automatically gravitate towards the chef and are almost guaranteed to impatiently burn themselves on the hot shells and molten butter, so please be careful!

Paprika and lime butter corn on the cob

We love the sweet smokyness that a moment on the BBQ brings to an ear of corn. When British sweetcorn is available during its short season in August and September, this sharp and spicy flavoured butter is the perfect accompaniment.

Smoky scallops in the shell with tarragon and basil butter

This recipe actually works better if you buy the scallops and shells separately, as you’ll need to turn the scallops over halfway through cooking. The sweetness of these herbs really amplifies the flavour of the fish, but feel free to experiment with whatever you have in pots or in the fridge, although fresh green herbs will naturally work better with the delicate flavour of scallops than, say hearty rosemary or thyme.

BBQ Lamb Leg with Flatbreads, Yoghurt + Herbs

Lamb, flatbread and yoghurt is a combination of textures and flavours that never fails to feel summery, whether you cook them on a hot griddle pan or BBQ. Using our Oak Smoked Water brings another dimension to the both the yoghurt and the flatbreads.

We use basil and fennel here, but you could easily use mint, dill or parsley if that’s what you have to hand.

Chargrilled courgettes, whipped feta and coriander chutney

Courgettes are one of our favourite things to cook on the BBQ, though of course they can be done inside on a griddle pan if the weather isn’t kind. This green chutney adds a welcome chilli smoky kick.

Charred peas in pods

This recipe couldn’t be simpler. It’s the best way to eat peas when they come into season and proof that all you really need is a good pinch of salt. Early summer snacking at it’s finest.

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