Nine very good places to eat and drink in Cardiff

by | Apr 11, 2022

Recently, we found ourselves with just over 24 hours in our fair capital. It seemed fitting to visit as many of our suppliers as possible, and take in as many eateries as we could squeeze in.

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

1. Canna deli

We started the day at Canna Deli. On a pretty mews with cheerful staff and Halen Môn on every table – what’s not to like?

A menu of tempting brunches on offer – we enjoyed a proper cup of tea and toasted coconut porridge with plum preserve. A lovely selection of food gifts inside, too. 


2. Flloc

 Who wants iron grilled cheese for breakfast? Each toastie is served with dipping sauces and house pickles, taking them to the next level. 

There’s also several shelves of artisan goodies (including Halen Môn) and really very good coffee, and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier.

3. Pontcanna market

If your visit is on a Saturday, don’t miss this unique market.

From vibrant veg to our favourite Alex Gooch bread and pastries, vegan Victoria sponge to ice cold Welsh lagers on tap, there really is something for everyone. Look out for the tiny cafe (below) adorned with French antiques and artworks.

 4. Hard Lines coffee

A graphic designer’s dream, yes, but Hard Lines have substance as well as style. They are roasting some exceptional beans. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their cold brew, blended with a splash of blood orange and served over ice topped up with tonic. Enjoy a hero’s sandwich or a tofu teriyaki ciabatta whilst your peruse the amazing wine selection from St John’s too. There’s even pastries by our favourites the Angel Bakery

5. Wally’s deli

Not sure about you, but all this eating is making us hungry.

Head to Wally’s  in the beautiful arcade for an incredible selection of cheeses, booze, pastries, handmade chocolates and more from near and far. We couldn’t resist picking out a few flavours of cannoli. They have a full range of Halen Môn, and bottles of our award-winning Jin Môr  too. 

And if you fancy a Welshcake – just a few minutes walk away is Fabulous Welshcakes – worth popping in for traditional flavours and fancy new ones too, hot off the griddle. 

6.  Nook

Did someone say lunch? Nook specialise in beautiful, seasonal food, with plenty of veggie friendly options, and really fabulous natural wines. Pictured below – roasted fava beans and cacio e pepe doughnuts. 

Head to Victoria park afterwards for a stroll (to make room for dinner)

7.  Gin + Juice

Gin + Juice is famous for a reason. Serving breakfast by day, and over 400 gins by night (including Jin Môr) – expect edible flowers, beautiful glassware and knowledgable staff.

8.  Heathcock

Loved by Jay Rayner – and now Halen Môn. This pub served the best meal we had during our visit.  From handmade handkerchief pasta to rich, savoury Welsh rarebit. Wild garlic gnocchi to the show-stopping lamb sharing dish. Every plate was a winner. 

We even managed to fit in a last cocktail before bed at Thomas by Tom Simmons. 

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