100% Anglesey Sea Salt - Halen Môn

In light of recent press regarding other British sea salts, and in response to the numerous enquiries we have received, we just wanted to re-iterate how we make our own award winning sea salt.

Halen Môn is made from 100% pure seawater drawn from the seas around Anglesey and absolutely nothing else. To be even more specific, we get our seawater from the designated area of the Menai Strait in accordance with our Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, laid down by the independent EU commission.

We strongly disagree that it is ‘the industry norm’ to seed sea salt with salt from other sources.

We have never added salt from anywhere else and we never will.

Not now, not ever.

Halen Môn is Britain’s only PDO sea salt. The Protected Designation of Origin certification is a cast iron, independent guarantee that everything we make is authentic and honest. Our packaging carries the same logo as Champagne and Parma Ham because of how and where our sea salt is made.
We are extremely proud of the way we make our products and how we do business and recently won the Queen’s Award For sustainability and good business practices in recognition of our commitment to our staff, location and operations.

For any enquiries regarding the way we make our products or if you’d just like more information about Halen Môn, please get in contact with jess@halenmon.com who will be glad to help.

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